Becoming a New Oasis Partner School: FAQs

Our goal is to establish a thought leadership with our partner schools, while combining our resources to provide outstanding opportunities to our international students.

General Overview

Does New Oasis offer local support staff?

New Oasis services are built upon its layers of support to schools, students and host families. Our support staff (coordinators) live in the areas in which we serve, know each student and host family in their areas and are in direct contact with the schools.


What will be the school’s responsibility in regards to host families?

New Oasis’ Homestay 360 program is responsible for finding and managing the host families for all of our students.

How is communication with students’ natural parents handled?

New Oasis has representatives in students’ home countries. They work with the New Oasis headquarters team together to ensure constant communication with each student’s natural parents.


What type of English support do you offer?

New Oasis offers ELL program to students who need extra support.

New Oasis Students

What age students do you work with?

We work with students in grades 8-12.

How long do students stay?

The majority of our students expect to graduate from high school and many attend American universities upon graduating.

School Partnership

Do you require an exclusive contract?

We believe in the quality of New Oasis’ services and do not require exclusive contracts. We create strategic partnerships that are built upon the school’s goals for its international student program.

School Admissions

Who is going to handle collecting tuition payment and fees? How is tuition distributed to the school?

New Oasis International Education handles all payment collection and pays all of the associated tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year – we pay up front. New Oasis handles homestay payments through its Homestay 360 Program and is responsible for distributing homestay stipends to host families.

What are your students English proficiencies?

We carefully screen every student and only recommend the ones who are equipped to achieve their academic goals in the U.S. English proficiency is the one key factor for us to accept the student.

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