High School Network Program

Global Can Be Local

New Oasis International Education provides an atmosphere of cultural exchange and higher academic standards. Through strategic partnerships with leading private day schools in the United States, New Oasis students enroll directly in a private high school. Our students take a variety of general, Advanced Placement and college-level courses and study alongside similarly talented American students.

Lasting Partnerships

We are devoted to excellence in international education, and work together with our partner schools to help create the top international high school programs in the country. We are devoted to supporting and assisting our partner schools.

A Transformative Education

Our High School Network Program empowers our students to develop, in pursuit of creating a positive impact on the world. For international students who are excited to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, New Oasis offers an unparalleled cultural experience and a competitive academic advantage compared to their classmates who choose to study in their home countries.

A Commitment to Enrich International Education

In addition to the High School Network Program, New Oasis encompasses the entire student study-abroad experience and includes student homestay placement and support, as well as academic support services. This unique New Oasis program transforms students, preparing and empowering them to make a positive impact on society.

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