Summer Activities Contest Winner: 3rd Prize

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Summer Activities Contest Winner: 3rd Prize

Summer Activities Contest Winner: 3rd Prize- $1000 (2 winners)

During the summer of 2015, for the first time in the history of New Oasis International Education, students were able to participate in the Annual Summer Activities Contest.

The New Oasis Summer Activity Contest was designed to engage high school students to participate in quality summer activities in any field of interest to them. Students were encouraged to participate as individuals, or as a team.

Throughout the next several days, we will announce the winners.

3rd prize: Amanda Fan’s “Summer Volunteer Teaching Project”

Amanda Fan

Amanda Fan, Battle Ground Academy student, and her friend Hillary Chan began a project last year to help students in rural China stay in their hometown. The goal is to make this a long-term, annual project.

Currently, her program is successful. Last year, there were 40 students at different grades, from 4th grade to 8th grade. That was a 10-day-long project during her summer vacation.

This year, there were 52 students from one class at grade six. That was a 7-day long project at the end of students’ semester.

Fan and Chan split time equally teaching students English and Listening Comprehension, and surveyed the students following the class to collect feedback on how to improve the class for future years.

Fan created a video to summarize her project. It can be found at

3rd Prize: Sharon Qian’s “Chinese Paper-Cutting”

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 3 Sharon Qian, student at Charlotte Country Day School, spent half of her day, for three weeks, learning Chinese paper-cutting from master-Zhang, a famous paper-cutting master in China. Zhang’s cuts were used in the Chinese Spring Festival, and he has been invited to more than 15 countries to spread and share the culture of Chinese paper-cutting.

After learning herself, Qian created five online video courses and posted them on YouTube.

In addition, she volunteers in her school’s lower school to teach the art of Chinese paper-cutting to the children.

The following are the videos Qian posted:

Lesson 01: Introduction and background information

Lesson 02: Butterflies

Lesson 03: “Chuang Hua” (window decoration)

Lesson 04: Frogs

Lesson 05: Owls

Her first attempt was one of the most basic figures in Chinese paper-cutting, a butterfly.

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report


As Qian learned, her figures became more complex:

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 2Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 3

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 4Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 5