The Admissions Team

The New Oasis Admissions Team manages all student interviews, applications, enrollment paperwork and visas. Communicating with each of our partner schools, these are the primary point of contacts for school updates, new student information and student inquiries. They work closely with the New Oasis team in China, as well as guide Korean, Vietnamese and other international students through the application process.



Reid Smith, Senior Admissions Associate

Heralding from New Jersey, Reid is relatively new to the area. After graduating from Gettysburg College, he moved to Washington, D.C. to begin working for New Oasis in July 2014. Having lived in Beijing for a semester, Reid’s degree in Gobalization Studies focused on conflict between religion and politics in China. He is also proficient in Mandarin! As an Admissions Coordinator, he works closely with schools in North Carolina and Georgia. Outside of work, he likes to play cello, watch films, and cook.



Megan Sagurton, Admissions Coordinator

Megan was born in South Korea and grew up in Northern Virginia. She attended Emory University and majored in History, and spent her junior year abroad in Spain and China. After graduation, she returned to China to teach English to high school students in Hunan Province. She joined New Oasis in February 2016, and is thrilled to continue working with Chinese students. She works closely with schools in New England, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, baking, and completing crossword puzzles.



Bethany Whitfield, Admissions Coordinator 

Bethany Whitfield grew up in the Florida Panhandle and attended the University of Notre Dame, where she received a degree in English and Peace Studies. Afterward she worked in publishing for several years before moving to Changsha, China, to teach English for a year.

Bethany began working as an admissions coordinator with New Oasis in the fall of 2016. She works with schools in North Carolina and Texas. She really enjoys interacting with students, spending time with her dogs and studying Chinese.


stephanie 1Stephanie Spar, Admissions Coordinator 

Stephanie grew up in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she majored in International Studies and Human rights. After studying abroad in Spain during university, she moved abroad again to complete a MSc in Human Rights at the London School of Economics. After working in education abroad at the university level, she is excited to continue working with students. She joined the New Oasis team in March 2017.  In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing the piano.