New Oasis student experiences New Hampshire Primary

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New Oasis student experiences New Hampshire Primary

Angela Xu, Derryfield at NH Primary

Voting day for the “First In The Nation New Hampshire Primary” has passed. After a good snowstorm that lasted most of Monday, Sharon Eng, student coordinator for The Derryfield School, shoveled out and made her way to our polling place with her New Oasis host student, Angela Xu.

Angela was able to see how to register to vote, experience the voting booth with her host mom, and together, they reviewed all the candidates on the paper ballot (there were actually more than 20 people on the ballot!).

Just outside were supporters for all of the candidates, and media from around the world. Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen were standing outside in the crowd supporting their good friend Hillary Clinton. Marco Rubio left just before they arrived, and Jeb Bush was scheduled to arrive soon. A record voter turnout was expected.

Angela is studying American History this year. What better way to see what makes the system work than understanding how to vote?

Angela was also able to meet Carly Fiorina on Labor Day when the candidate visited homes in the area.

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