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New Oasis staff travels to Cape Henry Collegiate for Dolphin Jamboree


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Two members of the New Oasis team traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia on April 21 to spend the afternoon at Cape Henry Collegiate School’s Dolphin Jamboree event.

New Oasis has partnered with Cape Henry Collegiate for more than three years, and was grateful for the opportunity to be able to share this event with the school.

The Dolphin Jamboree is an annual event hosted by the school to welcome new lower and middle school students to Cape Henry.

Taking place on the athletic fields of the school, the event consisted of several booths, games and food. The Cape Henry girls soccer team played a game against another school during the festivities.

Mike Atkinson, communications associate, and Issy Sun, academic associate for the Virginia Beach area, manned a booth where children played a chopsticks game, during which they had to get as many gummy bears from one cup to another as possible in 30 seconds using chopsticks.

“The game was a huge hit,” Atkinson said. “The kids were lining up and crowding around to play.” FullSizeRender (6)

While the children played, parents were able to glance at materials related to the Homestay 360 Program and learn more about New Oasis as a whole.

Bob, a New Oasis student at Cape Henry, is the school’s dolphin mascot, and was at the event posing for photos and playing with the children.

New Oasis strives to connect with each of its partner schools and welcomes the opportunity to attend more of its partner school events.

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New Student Orientations August 2014

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This summer New Oasis organized their first local new student orientations. Over 120 new students and 75 parents participated in 3 days of orientation in Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania. For many students and families, this was their first time visiting the United States.

Local coordinators and academic, homestay and marketing support staff from the company’s home office all worked together to lead students and accomplish many goals for orientation. Students received help setting up bank accounts, cell phone service and completing required vaccines or physicals.  The students were also taken on a shopping trip to help with school uniforms or other comforts for their new homes.

In addition to completing these requirements, the homestay and academic departments worked with students to help prepare them for the cultural differences at home and at school. Interactive workshops were conducted on:

  • What it Mean to be an International Student/Important Documents
  • The Keys to Understanding the American Culture
  • The American Host Family
  • Table Manners
  • The American Education System
  • Excelling as an American Student
  • New Oasis Academic Services
  • Media Use for International Students

Students asked questions on everything from preparing for the SATs to deciding which clubs to join. Yun Liu, Academic Advisor, from the Herndon office attended four of the seven orientations to help prepare the students for the academic differences. “The orientation not only helped the students understand the basic differences between the American and Chinese high school education, it also informed students what it means to be an excellent students (including) what kind of person American colleges are looking for, and how to leverage the education resources in the U.S. to fully develop oneself and to become a well-rounded person,” said Liu.

Parents visiting Providence Day School

Parents visiting Providence Day School

Parents were provided an opportunity to visit a local partner school and learn more about the differences in the education system. This provided a great forum to answer their questions on the academic expectations for their children. It was also a great way to highlight the many opportunities that students will have in their new communities including clubs, sports and volunteer service.

Student's having fun in VA Beach!

Fun with local student coordinators in VA Beach!

Everyone came together the final night to enjoy some much needed fun! Amusement parks, local museums and other attractions were enjoyed by students, parents and the New Oasis team. After a busy few days everyone enjoyed sharing in laughter and creating memories in the local community.

The orientation’s all concluded with warm greetings from the student’s host family. Tammy Becker, Homestay 360 Manager and Host Mom, was excited at the student’s progress, “You could see the students confidence growing each day. They began to open up and ask questions and express concerns. Seeing the students put into action the things we had discussed and practiced throughout the week was remarkable. They greeted their host family with confidence.”

Overall New Oasis is proud of the work we accomplished to help our new students. We have already been discussing how to make next year’s orientations even better!

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New Oasis Holds Intensive “How to Succeed in High School” Workshop

Last week, New Oasis International Education held its first “How to Succeed in High School” workshop close to New Oasis headquarters in the Washington, DC metro area.  The piloted workshop was created to help educate New Oasis students about the college admission process and debunk common misconceptions on how colleges make admissions decisions.  New Oasis Homestay 360 Coordinator Dahl Evartt drove 15 Cape Henry Collegiate School students from the Virginia Beach area to participate in the high-level workshop. New Oasis hosted the trip, which lasted for two days.

Led by Nancy Levoniana certified college counselor with a high success rate of leading students to some of the country’s most competitive schools, Ms. Levonian helped student participants refine their “unique purpose in high school and plan how to reach [their] goals.”

Topics addressed during the 8 hour workshop included:

  • Introduction to High School Success
  • Curriculum
  • Character
  • Experience: Extracurricular activities and research projects
  • Presentations of student plans

At the end of the workshop, each student created a strategic 4 year high school plan that they presented to their peers at the end of the day.  Student participants received an unmatched opportunity to better prepare them to build competitive high school transcripts in preparation for the college admissions process.

Later in the evening, Cape Henry students joined New Oasis staff to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday with a festive dinner and impromptu student performances.

Workshop Testimonials

“I actually felt that I would get a lot help from New Oasis in all kinds of aspects such as study plan , college information and the application assistance. I really like the environment of New Oasis. It is not only an agency, but also a family. Every member here including students, staff and teachers gets on well with each other and treats others like family.”

“I learned a lot from the workshop. It gave me a specific idea about how to get in to top school in US. And by talking to [Nancy],  I knew more about what I should do in my rest of my high school career. Thank you!”

“Being a good student is very hard and difficult but I will do my best in the future and be a good student.”

“I am really appreciated that I joined the workshop. I think the workshop is helpful. I know how to plan my summer vacation.”

“Through this workshop, I learned how to succeed in high school, like how to organize the classes and the importance of extracurricular activities. I found out which aspects I need to improve. Now, I have a clearer mind and make a plan for myself.”

“I think it is time to improve my leadership skill. So I decided to set up a club. It is important to be well-rounded.”

“I really like the workshop. It gave me a guide for college application and I think I got a lot of advice.”

“I really appreciate you offering me a chance to get to know about myself. It clarify some of my questions about future career. The counselors were patient and trying to improve our presentation. The information is very valuable.”