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China Trip Update: Home Visits

Photo Nov 09, 6 52 53 PM

A team of 16 leaders from New Oasis partner schools are in China with New Oasis. Updates are from Kathy Freeman, Director of Partnerships, U.S.

Oh my! We had a BLAST at our mini Homestay tonight! What a precious mom and daughter.

Plus she had a friend in from Italy, France and other parts of China to teach us how to make traditional dumplings! They also taught us how to perform an authentic tea ceremony. The students prepared the appetizers and the served a “global” meal. Belgian beer, Italian and French wines, ribs, Japanese-style ribs, dumplings, wings, pizza, salad and homemade authentic tiramisu! It was to die for…beyond words. I think all three groups had an amazing night but we definitely thought ours was extra special.

Kathy Freeman,
Director of Partnerships, U.S.

Photo Nov 09, 6 52 31 PMPhoto Nov 09, 6 52 27 PM

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China Trip Update: Snow at the Great Wall



A team of 16 leaders from New Oasis partner schools are in China with New Oasis. Updates are from Kathy Freeman, Director of Partnerships, U.S.

The group posed for a beautiful photo this morning in our gorgeous hotel before weathering the snow! Yes… I said SNOW; plenty of it too! About 3-4 inches of snow fell at the Great Wall, but a snowy day didn’t stop this fantastic team one bit:)

Quite a bit of snow fell, which is unexpected and quite unusual for Beijing so early in November, but this group certainly proved today that they were definitely willing to say “yes” to any experience we offer them!

Flexibility and great attitudes best describes this team. They endured extremely cold and freezing temperatures with lots of snow all day and night as we had a slippery and snowy trek up the Great Wall, then on to The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Pearl Market, Olympic Village and famous Peking Roast duck dinner!

Although we were slipping and sliding our way around the Great Wall, a fantastic time was had by all!

We thaw out tonight, refresh and refuel and prepare to see our first set of students tomorrow at the Beijing Expo!IMG_2677

Kathy Freeman
Director of Partnerships, U.S.

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New Oasis Sponsors 2015 Fall Trip to China

Beijing skyline

In roughly 14 hours, 14 staff members from New Oasis partner schools will land in Beijing, China, where they will have two weeks full of learning opportunities, educational fairs and sightseeing.

Leaders from New Oasis partner schools, Battle Ground Academy; Saint Andrew’s School; Ravenscroft School; Providence Day School; Charlotte Country Day School; The Lovett School; The Derryfield School; Charlotte Christian School; Mount Pisgah Christian School; The Episcopal School of Dallas; and Greensboro Day School; and leadership from NCAIS and GISA, will join New Oasis President & CEO, Sean Chen, and Director of Partnerships-U.S. , Kathy Freeman, on a 14-day trip to China, sponsored by New Oasis. The group will travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Xi’an.

The trip presents the opportunity for American teachers and administration to better understand the culture from which their international students come.

The team will arrive at the New Oasis Headquarters in Herndon, Virginia on November 4, and will fly out of Dulles International Airport to Beijing.

Once in China, the team has an itinerary loaded with educational experiences, school visits and chances to learn more about Chinese culture. The trip will feature visits to Chinese landmarks, including the Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and more.

The team will attend educational fairs in Beijing, visiting the schools from which their future students will come. Following its time in Beijing, the team will fly to Chengdu, and then to Xi’an, where they will visit the ancient Xi’an city walls.

While at the schools, New Oasis and partner school staff will give formal presentations about their respective schools to a Chinese audience.

The trip will conclude on November 17, with a visit to Shanghai.

New Oasis will be providing updates throughout the trip on its website and social media accounts.

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