China Trip Update: Home Visits

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China Trip Update: Home Visits

Photo Nov 09, 6 52 53 PM

A team of 16 leaders from New Oasis partner schools are in China with New Oasis. Updates are from Kathy Freeman, Director of Partnerships, U.S.

Oh my! We had a BLAST at our mini Homestay tonight! What a precious mom and daughter.

Plus she had a friend in from Italy, France and other parts of China to teach us how to make traditional dumplings! They also taught us how to perform an authentic tea ceremony. The students prepared the appetizers and the served a “global” meal. Belgian beer, Italian and French wines, ribs, Japanese-style ribs, dumplings, wings, pizza, salad and homemade authentic tiramisu! It was to die for…beyond words. I think all three groups had an amazing night but we definitely thought ours was extra special.

Kathy Freeman,
Director of Partnerships, U.S.

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Inaugural Summer Activities Contest Winners: 1st Prize

During the summer of 2015, for the first time in the history of New Oasis International Education, students were able to participate in the Annual Summer Activities Contest.

The New Oasis Summer Activity Contest was designed to engage high school students to participate in quality summer activities in any field of interest to them. Students were encouraged to participate as individuals, or as a team.

Throughout the next several days, we will announce the winners.


1st Prize Winner ($3000): Sunny Zhu’s “Establishing A Boundless Classroom”

Many students during summer vacation will spend time outside playing with friends, watching TV, and enjoying a break from the hustle-and-bustle of school. Sunny Zhu is not “many students.”

Zhu planned a volunteer teaching project to help underprivileged youth in China who have all of the basic educational resources, but who are often ignored by many volunteer organizations.

Zhu connected with the principal of Majing Hope Elementary School, located in Guizhou, China, and explained her idea. After getting approval from the principal, she presented her idea to the school headmaster and received full approval from the school.

After receiving approval from the school, Zhu recruited a team of peers, many from her New Oasis partner school, Cape Henry Collegiate School, to help with the project. The group of seven volunteers met to discuss the class schedule and textbook for the teaching project.

Zhu’s peers on the project were Tom Honghao Chen, George Jingdong Gao, Judy Yixuan Yu, Sam Wenxi Zhang and Jonathan Tianyi Cui.

The goal of Zhu’s project is to bring the students in the village the opportunity to experience the advantages of traditional Chinese education and the freedom and advancement of American education.

Zhu and her peers traveled to China from June 7-20, one month before the school’s summer vacation began.

After a summer of a bumpy start, and a great improvement, the principal of the primary school thanked Zhu and her team, noting “now the younger generation is like the bleak night sky; everyone is hiding themselves in the dark, and staring at their own future selfishly. You guys are those few stars shining there, generously becoming the guideline for those people who need help to find their way back.”

Upon returning to Cape Henry Collegiate, Zhu worked to start a club for this project to become an annual summer volunteer opportunity for Cape Henry students.


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China Trip Update: Snow at the Great Wall



A team of 16 leaders from New Oasis partner schools are in China with New Oasis. Updates are from Kathy Freeman, Director of Partnerships, U.S.

The group posed for a beautiful photo this morning in our gorgeous hotel before weathering the snow! Yes… I said SNOW; plenty of it too! About 3-4 inches of snow fell at the Great Wall, but a snowy day didn’t stop this fantastic team one bit:)

Quite a bit of snow fell, which is unexpected and quite unusual for Beijing so early in November, but this group certainly proved today that they were definitely willing to say “yes” to any experience we offer them!

Flexibility and great attitudes best describes this team. They endured extremely cold and freezing temperatures with lots of snow all day and night as we had a slippery and snowy trek up the Great Wall, then on to The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Pearl Market, Olympic Village and famous Peking Roast duck dinner!

Although we were slipping and sliding our way around the Great Wall, a fantastic time was had by all!

We thaw out tonight, refresh and refuel and prepare to see our first set of students tomorrow at the Beijing Expo!IMG_2677

Kathy Freeman
Director of Partnerships, U.S.