2017 New Oasis Summer Challenge


The 2017 New Oasis Summer Challenge is aimed at encouraging our students to challenge themselves and make a difference this summer. Through research solving real-world problems, or contributions through community service, as well as learning something new to improve oneself, we hope to instill in our students the importance of civic engagement, as well as self-improving to become a better person. After all, challenging yourself daily is a surefire path to success in all areas of your life.

Types of Projects

  • Independent Research & Problem Solving


Try to discover an unresolved issue around you and find a solution. It could be a prototype of an invention, an improvement of an existing method, or a written proposal of an idea.

  • Community Service & Volunteer Work


Performing community service and volunteer work will enable you to help solve real problems and improve the lives of others while also profoundly impacting your own life.

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                • Learning Something New






Try to explore your hidden interest/talent, sign up for a guitar class, self-learning Spanish, shadow a job position etc. In the end, you need to conduct a presentation to summarize your summer learning result. 












What You Will Get Out Of This Experience

– You will be able to accomplish a great goal that you wanted to achieve for a long time.

– You can help a community, a group of people, or even change someone’s life.

– Students with outstanding work will have a chance to receive gift cards up to $200 per person.

– The most selective student project will be featured on New Oasis website (with their permission). New Oasis will also promote their accomplishment on social media & newsletter. 

– There will also be a surprise from New Oasis to the students who accomplish their work with excellence.