Student Opportunity

Student Opportunity

New Oasis provides a number of opportunities for student-involvement. Below is a list of several activities in which the New Oasis academic team assists students:

AMC Training Program

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

New Oasis provides the AMC Training Program to prepare its students for the national math competition. In coming years, New Oasis will launch a student-led, online AMC club for New Oasis students. The club will encourage participation in the national competition and dedicate time to training New Oasis students.

Summer Programs

The academic team at New Oasis encourages students to attend summer programs at various American universities. The advisers will assist students in finding programs in their areas of interest, as well as advise them during the application process.

For a list of summer programs New Oasis students attended in 2015, click here.

Summer Activities Contest

New Oasis launched a Summer Challenge Program in 2017, to encourage students to stay challenged during their summer breaks. The contest will select the best summer project or activity based on select criteria. Click here to apply.

Summer Reading Requirement

New Oasis assists new students with their school’s summer reading requirement by providing suggested timelines for completion, and recommending books.

Online Reading Courses

New Oasis’ academic team provides online courses to students periodically on the topics of reading, and standardized-test preparation.