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Giving back: New Oasis, the Virginia Beach community and the Morrills

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HERNDON, VA. — In June of 2012, Kristy Morrill, Virginia Beach student coordinator for New Oasis International Education, learned that her sister, Kendra Atherton, was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of unknown primary site (ACUPS), a life-threatening cancer.

After her diagnosis, Atherton started her battle with vengeance. A personal trainer by trade, she continued to eat healthy and inspire others as a positive role model. A devoted mother and friend, Atherton always tried to be there for everyone.

Atherton passed away on November 24, 2012.

A year later, Morrill and her family created an event, “K5K: A Run for Kendra,” to honor Athernon’s legacy, while giving back to the community and helping those who are also overcoming losses to cancer. The event raises funds for students at local high schools who have lost family members to cancer.

According to the K5K official website, since the founding of the run, it has raised more than $25,000 to support students in the Virginia Beach community.

Now, three years later, in 2015, the event is an annual occurrence in the Virginia Beach area. When New Oasis staff learned about the event from a casual conversation with Morrill, they immediately decided to form a team and sponsor the event.

On Saturday, Nov. 21, a team of staff from New Oasis will join Kristy and her family in running the 5K along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk to lift up one of its own in the spirit of community.

“I can’t tell you how much it means that New Oasis is sponsoring the event,” Morrill said.

Morrill works for New Oasis as a student coordinator in the Virginia Beach area where she assists international students at Cape Henry Collegiate School with their immersion into an American education system.

“Morrill is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet,” said Tammy Becker, homestay regional manager for New Oasis.

“She is always putting others first, and goes out of her way to provide nurturing care to every one of her students. When we were presented with the opportunity to assist a new staff member, we didn’t hesitate to act.”

New Oasis was founded in 2008 and partners with the most competitive private high schools in the United States. For more information about New Oasis or the 5K, contact Mike Atkinson at or 703-870-7260.


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New Oasis students shine at CNU Regional High School Mathematics Contest

Exterior School Shot

Some students can’t wait for the weekend, where they will get a break from the pressures of school, but 13 students at Cape Henry Collegiate School spent their Saturday competing in the Christopher Newport University Regional High School Mathematics Contest on Nov. 14.

Of all the students participating in the contest, primarily from public schools in the region, New Oasis students at Cape Henry took home a number of honors.

Grace Li was the highest scoring 11th grader, Cape Henry’s highest scorer and the third-highest scorer of all students who participated.

Cape Henry Collegiate had seven students place in the overall top-ten: Grace Li, Andy Hong, Daisy Zhang, Justin Dubik, James Tyler, and another who preferred not to be named.

Hong, Zhang, Li are are New Oasis students. James Tyler, a Cape Henry student, was the highest-scoring ninth-grade student.

Not only are these students bright and enthusiastic, they are considerate and respectful.  Tyler Faubert, who drove the students over and back, said each student shook hands with him and thanked him as they left the bus!

All participants in the competition were:  Tom Chen, Justin Dubik, Andy Hong, Grace Li, Nicole Rychagov, James Tyler, Daisy Yang, Daisy Zhang, Harry Zhang, Wenxi Zhang, and Frank Zhu.

Congratulations to all Cape Henry students for a successful weekend!

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Summer Activities Contest Winner: 3rd Prize

Summer Activities Contest Winner: 3rd Prize- $1000 (2 winners)

During the summer of 2015, for the first time in the history of New Oasis International Education, students were able to participate in the Annual Summer Activities Contest.

The New Oasis Summer Activity Contest was designed to engage high school students to participate in quality summer activities in any field of interest to them. Students were encouraged to participate as individuals, or as a team.

Throughout the next several days, we will announce the winners.

3rd prize: Amanda Fan’s “Summer Volunteer Teaching Project”

Amanda Fan

Amanda Fan, Battle Ground Academy student, and her friend Hillary Chan began a project last year to help students in rural China stay in their hometown. The goal is to make this a long-term, annual project.

Currently, her program is successful. Last year, there were 40 students at different grades, from 4th grade to 8th grade. That was a 10-day-long project during her summer vacation.

This year, there were 52 students from one class at grade six. That was a 7-day long project at the end of students’ semester.

Fan and Chan split time equally teaching students English and Listening Comprehension, and surveyed the students following the class to collect feedback on how to improve the class for future years.

Fan created a video to summarize her project. It can be found at

3rd Prize: Sharon Qian’s “Chinese Paper-Cutting”

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 3 Sharon Qian, student at Charlotte Country Day School, spent half of her day, for three weeks, learning Chinese paper-cutting from master-Zhang, a famous paper-cutting master in China. Zhang’s cuts were used in the Chinese Spring Festival, and he has been invited to more than 15 countries to spread and share the culture of Chinese paper-cutting.

After learning herself, Qian created five online video courses and posted them on YouTube.

In addition, she volunteers in her school’s lower school to teach the art of Chinese paper-cutting to the children.

The following are the videos Qian posted:

Lesson 01: Introduction and background information

Lesson 02: Butterflies

Lesson 03: “Chuang Hua” (window decoration)

Lesson 04: Frogs

Lesson 05: Owls

Her first attempt was one of the most basic figures in Chinese paper-cutting, a butterfly.

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report


As Qian learned, her figures became more complex:

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 2Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 3

Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 4Sharon Qian paper-cutting final report 5