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New Oasis students take first step into life in America


Two sessions of New Oasis’ 2015 New Student Orientation are “in the books” as they say.

Students arrived in Herndon, Virginia, from schools all over the country on August 2-14. These students spent their weeklong session getting to know other New Oasis students, learning New Oasis procedure, and receiving assistance and tips from New Oasis staff on everything from surviving American high school to living with a host family.

Throughout the sessions, students gathered in groups where they share experiences and built relationships. The second and third day of each orientation sessions took the students out of the hotel and into Washington, D.C., and Tyson’s Corner, where they were able to shop, sight-see, and visit the National Smithsonian Museums.

In addition to the field trips, students were given time throughout the week to mix and mingle with their academic advisers, getting to know who at New Oasis they will be working closely with during the academic year.

DSC_0018President and CEO Sean Chen, during his closing remarks of session two, offered his advice to students.

“As you can see, we packed so many presentations into the last week. We want to share everything with you,” Chen said.

“Today, you are going to visit your school and meet your host family. There’s one important thing I want to share: no preparation can ever be enough. Open your heart. Open your mind. Never say no before you even experience it.”

For highlights from the first two orientation sessions, view the New Oasis Orientation Tagboard at

New Oasis will host session 3 from August 16-21 and will welcome the remainder of its students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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