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New Oasis travels to Global Education Benchmark Global Educators Conference in Miami, Fl.

Photo Apr 23, 12 29 25 PM“Inspire, connect and act” was the theme of the third annual Global Education Benchmark Group Global Educators Conference on April 23-24.

Sean Chen, president and CEO of New Oasis International Education, Suzy Fitzpatrick, director of the Homestay 360 Program at New Oasis, and Kathy Freeman, director of partnership, traveled to Miami, Fl. last weekend to broaden New Oasis’ understanding of global education.

The purpose of the conference, hosted at Palmer Trinity School, is to gather with like-minded professionals for a discussion on global education, and included presentations by members of organizations within the industry, as well as several featured speakers.

New Oasis sponsored a mix and mingle to kick off the event at the Coral Gables Museum. While at the conference, New Oasis met with staff from its four partner schools also attending the event.

“I immediately felt a connection with the professionals at this conference. We are all trying to accomplish the same thing,” Chen said.

“Our mission is to bridge the gaps between opportunity and success in international education, but we can expand much further than that. By providing a successful experience to our students, we are establishing a sense of global education in our local communities in the United States.”

New Oasis staff presented several presentations while at the conference. Photo Apr 23, 3 38 59 PM

Chen presented “Opportunities and Challenges of Chinese Students Studying in Independent Day Schools,” with Loren Fauchier, Ph.D., from Providence Day School.

The lecture offered suggestions on how to develop an environment for Chinese student success and inclusion into school communities.

Fitzpatrick presented “Matriculating F1 students into high schools” with Leela Greenberg from Vail Mountain School.

This panel-led discussion was a time for educators to share techniques working with F1 students and to provide effective troubleshooting tools for students, faculty and host family needs, before they arise.

“The (GEBG) conference provided New Oasis the opportunity to network and share with over 300 educators focused on global education who are committed to developing global citizens within the independent school network,” Freeman said.

“Attending conferences of this caliber allows NOIE to stay abreast of best practices and cutting edge ideas within the industry.”

The featured speaker at the conference was Loung Ung, author and activist, who was only five years old when the Khmer Rouge soldiers stormed into her native city of Phnom Penh. Her family were claimed as victims, while she and her older brother escaped to the United States.

Photo Apr 25, 10 42 42 AM“The GEBG transformed my view on what I was doing as a global educator and inspired me to actually be a global educator through my thoughts, actions, and improving the meaning in the experience of the student, teacher, and host family of an study abroad experience,” Fitzpatrick said.

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New Oasis staff travels to Cape Henry Collegiate for Dolphin Jamboree


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Two members of the New Oasis team traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia on April 21 to spend the afternoon at Cape Henry Collegiate School’s Dolphin Jamboree event.

New Oasis has partnered with Cape Henry Collegiate for more than three years, and was grateful for the opportunity to be able to share this event with the school.

The Dolphin Jamboree is an annual event hosted by the school to welcome new lower and middle school students to Cape Henry.

Taking place on the athletic fields of the school, the event consisted of several booths, games and food. The Cape Henry girls soccer team played a game against another school during the festivities.

Mike Atkinson, communications associate, and Issy Sun, academic associate for the Virginia Beach area, manned a booth where children played a chopsticks game, during which they had to get as many gummy bears from one cup to another as possible in 30 seconds using chopsticks.

“The game was a huge hit,” Atkinson said. “The kids were lining up and crowding around to play.” FullSizeRender (6)

While the children played, parents were able to glance at materials related to the Homestay 360 Program and learn more about New Oasis as a whole.

Bob, a New Oasis student at Cape Henry, is the school’s dolphin mascot, and was at the event posing for photos and playing with the children.

New Oasis strives to connect with each of its partner schools and welcomes the opportunity to attend more of its partner school events.

For more information, contact Mike Atkinson at

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New Oasis math training program sends two students to final round of competition

In the past week, two New Oasis students have made their way into the final round of a highly-selective, national high-school math competition.

Kuanhao Kevin Jiang, and Yunxiao Gary Yang attended the New Oasis AMC Training Program, designed to prepare students to succeed in the American Mathematics Competition.

The program is led by Dr. Eugene Hsiang, who holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Dr. Hsiang has many years of math competition and teaching experience. A second-prize winner in Zhejiang during his high school, Dr. Hsiang was the grand-prize winner in Higher Mathematics Competition at Zhejiang University in 1984. Both of Dr. Hsiang’s children have also achieved great success in math competitions.

His daughter was a Presidential Scholar in 2009 and graduated from Harvard University in May, 2013. His son is a winner in 2014 USA(J)MO, a 2014 Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program trainee, and a finalist in 2014.

Kevin Jiang has agreed to become the assistant coach of the New Oasis AMC Training Program in the upcoming year. He also plans to start an online AMC club for New Oasis Students. The club will encourage participation in the national competition and dedicate time to training New Oasis students.

Gary Yang is a freshman in the New Oasis program who recently advanced to the second round of the AMC competition for high-school sophomores. He is competing in the competition for the first time, and is enrolled in honors algebra II, a course fairly advanced for a freshman. He is also taking honors biology, is involved in cross country, Relay for Life, and Environmental club. His dream is to attend Johns Hopkins University and study biology.

For more information on the New Oasis AMC Training Program, or the Online New Oasis AMC Club, contact Mike Atkinson at 703-870-7269.