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Featured Student: Yibo Zheng “Dean”, Taking Leadership Opportunities at GDS

Featured Student: Yibo Zheng “Dean”, Taking Leadership Opportunities at GDS

Yibo Zheng, “Dean” is a senior studying at Greensboro Day School in NC. From his first days as a student in the U.S., Dean showed an interest in getting involved and making an impact in his new school. He has been active in several school activities, including basketball and student government. Dean was also inducted into the school’s National Honor Society last fall and maintains a Yiboplace on the Head’s and Honor Roll Lists.

Dean is admired by both his peers and the educators at the school. Randy Doss, Director of Admissions at Greensboro Day School spoke highly of Dean:

“He demonstrates strong initiative and likes to get involved in all kinds of activities.  He is also a natural leader who is not afraid to tackle tough questions.  Moreover, he is neither afraid to make a mistake nor unwilling to learn from any missteps.  Yibo also has the ability to think out of the box.  Yibo’s initiative, service to others and strong emotional intelligence have earned him considerable admiration and respect, from his host family, classmates and teachers”.

His efforts and hard work have paid off; Dean was elected as Class President this fall. New Oasis asked Dean to share with us his experience in this position thus far. Listen to what Dean had to say about his election and school experience by clicking here.

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China as Our Classroom

China Trip, Fall 2014

“Living in another country is like being in an around the clock classroom”(1). New Oasis wanted to provide this type of “classroom” experience for several of our partner educators. By inviting guests to China for 14 days New Oasis was able to provide a glimpse into the experience of, and emotions felt by, the international students studying at at their schools.

Educators from St. David’s School, Westminster Schools of Augusta, Augusta Preparatory School, Greensboro Day School, Gaston Day School, Westchester Country Day School, Ravenscroft School and Providence Day School joined the travels led by New Oasis President, Sean Chen . During their two weeks abroad the group spent time in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Meeting prospective students was an important component of the trip. School representatives were able to interview students, attend school fairs and visit Chinese high schools.  Each representative was provided the opportunity to present information and highlights on their school. This experience served to help educators better understand the students and their educational background, in addition to seeking future candidates for their schools. These visits were organized by the New Oasis team that live and work in China.


Another highlight of the trip was meeting international student parents. Educators connected with families that currently have students studying at one of the visiting schools. A family in Hangzhou even welcomed the group to their home for a traditional dinner. Educators left more connected to the feelings and concerns of parents who have children studying abroad.

The group also enjoyed sightseeing at famous locations such as Yu Yuan Gardens, the Lingyin Temple and the Great Wall of China. Savoring traditional Chinese cuisine was a shared experience for the guests, many of whom were visiting China for the first time. Shopping in Shanghai was another activity appreciated by the travelers!


To read more about the trip we encourage you to visit Westminster Schools of Augusta blog. Upper School Principal, Joey Mendez, kept excellent details of the trip on the upper school’s blog.

  1. Sconyers, Melissa (viaIESabroad). “Living in another country is like being in an around-the-clock classroom.” 17 November 2014, 7:30 p.m. Tweet

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College Advising with Megan, November 2014

To better serve our students, New Oasis has improved our college admissions advising with the help of our Academic Coordinator, Megan Aquilante. Megan has over ten years of college advising experience. Until recently, Megan served as a  Guidance Counselor at Complete College Planning Solutions. She will provide her expertise to our students through monthly on-line presentations and meeting directly with our college admissions advisers. This past month Megan spoke with admissions representatives from the following colleges:

  • Fordham University, The Jesuit University of New York
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • The Ohio State University
  • Swarthmore College
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Pittsburgh

See below Megan’s recent message and information shared with our students.

“Dear New Oasis students,

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday! I hope that each of you had a successful 1st quarter of the school year. Please note that if you are a senior you should consider sending your 1st quarter grades to colleges especially if you earned strong grades and improved and/or earned a strong GPA. Colleges value applicants who continue working hard and demonstrating their abilities throughout the senior year. For students in 9th-11th grades please continue working hard as you are trying to develop a pattern of strong grades and eventually a strong GPA to provide you the option of applying to more challenging colleges during senior year. Remember, every year in high school matters! Colleges will review grades from every year.

Also note that any student who took the PSAT in October (The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) should anticipate hard copies of your PSAT score report being returned to you in early December at your high school. Please keep this score report in a secure location as it will be needed for the webinar presentation in December. The webinar will provide useful information on how to understand your scores and how to use them to prepare for the SAT.

As mentioned in my previous blog, to better serve our students New Oasis is committed to communicating with and collecting admissions information from different colleges and universities. Our goal is to help students better understand admissions at colleges and universities. We hope you find our ongoing college admissions research useful, and are delighted to provide some highlights of these conversations. Should students seek additional information on these schools please contact the New Oasis Academic Team.”

Click here to read the notes from the college admission meetings.